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Lennart Ziburski
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How can we improve input, organization and sharing of data? Do we need a desktop if we have smartphones and tablets? What is the future of work computing? Neo barely scratches the surfaces of some of the questions that exist around desktop computing. Designing for productivity might be less appealing at first than designing the next Facebook, but it’s even more important.

I would love to see your ideas for the future of desktop computing. That is why I am publishing the design concept and source files for Neo below under the CC Attribution 4.0 license. You are encouraged to build upon my work or even use it commercially.

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To fuel your imagination and get the discussion going, here are some open questions that exceeded the scope of my work but are equally interesting and important to think about.

If you are working on something, I would be very happy to chat with you. I will also be sharing interesting work and thoughts here, on twitter and on my blog.